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Incoming Erasmus Students
Planning to spend your Erasmus experience at the Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Environment, (DISAAA-a) of the University of Pisa?

Practical information for mobility students

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Guidelines for international students

International student guide

Welcome to the University of Pisa!

Before you leave:

Please make sure you get in touch with the Italian Erasmus coordinator (otherwise known as CAI, “Coordinatore di Area per l’Internazionalizzazione), especially for Erasmus Placement, to:
  •  Find out how the department is organized and what courses you should take as well as when to take Italian lessons
  •  Learn about all the administrative steps necessary in order to start
  •  While you are still abroad you could register online through the Alice portal in order to obtain the credentials useful to complete the enrollment procedure at the University of Pisa

Fill in and submit the “Application form incoming students” in which you will be asked to upload the Learning Agreement before the mobility and obtain the validation from the CAIIn order to be as prepared as possible for this new experience, please keep in mind a few logistical aspects:

  •  Visa and residency permit: Compulsory steps if you are an incoming Non-EU Erasmus student.
  •  Entry and residency rights for EU citizens.
  •  Cost of living: although living in Pisa can be quite inexpensive, please do keep in mind that the cost of living is greater than the regular monthly stipend received by the Erasmus programme
  •  Health insurance: learn how the health system works in Italy and what steps you need to follow before departure
  • Accommodation: find a few links to get you started with your apartment search
  •  Opening a Bank account: find out if your bank at home has a branch in Italy or any agreements with an Italian bank in Pisa. Please make sure to read our International Student Guide with a summary on each of these aspects.

    Deadlines to receive nominations from foreign universities:

    • First semester (autumn): June, 30th.
    • Second semester (spring): December, 30th.
      (If nominations cannot meet our deadlines, please contact us)

    What to do once you arrive in Pisa?

Sometimes students may feel a bit overwhelmed by the novelty of a new city. This is absolutely normal. Following are a few steps that will help you feel more confident as you head into this new adventure:

Necessary steps:
1. E-mail your CAI representative to set up an appointment so you can meet

2. If you have not yet registered through the Alice portal, this is the time to do so

3. If you are an incoming Non-EU Erasmus student, apply for the Residency permit. You need the post office receipt that you applied for the Residency permit, before making an appointment (next step)

4. Please fill in and submit the Application form incoming students, if you have not do it yet

5. Make an appointment with the International Office to: o receive your University booklet as well as your student card o activate your computer access to the University virtual network.

1 Choose a date when you will be in Pisa and remember to write it in your planner
2 It is possible to make an appointment only after you have completed the application form and you have received the email with the validation of your application from the CAI

All of these steps, will finally make your “Erasmus student” status official! For more useful information, please go to the following link where you will learn more about living in Pisa.



Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions.
We hope to see you soon in Pisa!!

You can find information about courses offered by our Department on this website or on the website of the University of Pisa  at the following links: