Semester in English


                                                        Semester in English

For students who are not familiar with the Italian language, the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment together with the Department of Veterinary Sciences, offer a few courses in English to promote international exchanges and cultural enrichment of Italian and foreign students. These courses give students specific knowledge on basic and applied sciences with emphasis on crops and food products of the Mediterranean region. Students are also given the possibility to spend a 1-week apprenticeship period at the InterDepartmental Center for Research in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Centro Avanzi) of the University of Pisa, where they can learn crop management, cultivation, animal husbandry and farm organization.

Starting from 2018-19 the following courses are offered during the autumn semester (September – December):

Basic Science education:

  • Molecular Virology (4 credits), Dept. of Veterinary Sciences.

Applied Science education:

  • Food Policy (6 credits), Prof. Brunori
  • – Food Biosafety (6 credits), Dept. of Veterinary Sciences.


Starting from 2018-19 the following courses are offered during the spring semester (February – May) 

Applied Science education:

  • Biopesticides (6 credits), Prof. Vannacci,
  • Olive Growing and Viticulture, (6 credits), Prof. Gucci,
  •  Artificial Cultivation of Food and Medicinal Plants (6 credits), Prof. Pardossi,
  •  Non Food Crops (6 credits), Prof. Angelini,

Training – Scientific Practice:

Internship at the Centre “Enrico Avanzi” for Interdisciplinary Research on Agro-Environment (2 Credits) CIRAA is available throughout the year depending on tutors’ availability.

We look forward to seeing you in Pisa!



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